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sometimes i'd give anything just to be something more than nothing.   
10:18pm 11/11/2002
mood: amused
Well, the trip to orlando to see taproot was great! taproot all remembered who i was and we talked for quite awhile....and stephen told me how to get in contact with his management and get photo passes to pretty much all the shows and tickets and everything. THAT IS SO FUCKING RAD!

the whole band is great....haha....mike was all drunk after the show and he was like nooooo i haven't been drinking....and then he tried to wrestle with some people and then i was going and he hugged me....eeee! he is great....and so is the rest of the band.

hahahaha some people just regurgitate shit and don't even realize it....hahahaha....idiots.
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12:56am 10/11/2002
  going to orlando tomorrow with cara and won't be back until monday. i will be seeing taproot and mudvayne....good stuff.

and i am supposedly going to pleasure island as well....hmm.
02:08am 09/11/2002
  8 mile was good.

cory is coming over tomorrow.

seeing jackass again with cory.

working also.

packing and then sleep.
when you are offered $100 for sex....should you accept?   
02:46am 08/11/2002
  haha....girls are so fucking odd.  
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02:03pm 07/11/2002
  heather got her pictures :]  
02:42am 07/11/2002
  fun stuff.  
02:33pm 05/11/2002
  i saw punch drunk love last night with cara and it was pretty decent. it was a movie only few people would understand i guess. people were walking out after the movie saying i heard this was good (being sarcastic) and they were like i am still trying to figure out what the movie was about.

actually the movie reminded me of stacia and i....don't ask why it just does.

today i went to goodwill with cara and megan and i found simpsons road rage for xbox there and it was only $4 i was like hell yeah! and so i bought it....and it is in perfect condition as if it were brand new....oooo!

well, i am off to do things before work....bye. i also sent pictures and such to heather....i hope she gets those soon.
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02:02am 03/11/2002
  you look like me
i'm sorry for you

you talk like me
i can't understand you

you think like me
you're fucking crazy
09:54pm 01/11/2002
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10:40pm 30/10/2002
mood: content
wow! i had the bestest of times over the past couple days. i went to heather's and met some really neat/cool people....cristina and ekim(mike) and they were so nice and funny so i stayed over heather's on monday and then we went to the taproot concert and holy crap....we were picked to go in 2 hours before the doors open to here taproot do their sound check and meet them....we must have hung out with them for about 30 min. or more....twas awesome! they were so nice and cool....i had phil (the bassist) from taproot call cara at work and such....she was so excited....i could tell. and then got autographs and pictures....then went back outside for awhile then we went in to see the concert....and i hung out with stephen (the singer) from taproot for awhile before pulse ultra went on stage....and talked to him about singing a song....he said i can sing "emotional times" which, is a great song and such....well, pulse ultra was good and project 86 was eh....ok. then taproot well, they were just so amazing it was great!!!! stephen didn't call me up stage to sing....but, after the show he was like sorry jeff and i told him that i was going to be at the taproot/mudvayne show and he said cool then that show i will try and call you up. oooo!!!! i can't wait. then i had to say goodbye to heather, cristina, and ekim....aww....i miss them. i had a great time with all of them. wow! i hope they all go to the show i am going to which, is Nov. 10 at the house of blues....AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!! hehe....well, i will have pictures to post soon enough but, i am tired and must sleep....:]
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03:57pm 28/10/2002
mood: excited
i am off to go spend days with heather!!!! YAY!!!! AND TAPROOT!!!!
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04:44pm 27/10/2002
mood: awake
holy crap i had a great time at the party. everyone was dressed up for halloween and such, twas grand. i was a pharmacist and i was giving out a bunch of drug pharmacy pens to people. i won so many things and i drank a lil'. actually i drank a lil' more than i wanted to. but, i had a great time. janis joplin was hitting on me the whole night....haha! oooo....i saw my old friend talmadge there....he gave me this frickin' huge hug and picked me up off the ground and was like oh my god i missed you how have you been i haven't seen you forever....i'm drunk jeff....i said haha i can tell. he was like oh you are so cute and he kissed my cheek. funny guy. daylights savings time made the party an hour longer hmm....oh well, and i went to sleep on erica at the party for like an hour and then we went home and i got home around 6 a.m. and then i showered and went to sleep and i just woke up around 4p.m. good stuff. anywho ima go do things that must be done....byebye.
12:52pm 26/10/2002
  my throat hurts....grr! tis k though....well, last night was amazing....this band called dolt sucks ass so much and then the kick went on and they were really good and the singer prolly spit on the drummer about 20 times....eww....anywayz....stacia would have prolly like the kick, kinda her music....and blindside was incredible!! i was singing to every song and screaming along with him and the stage wasn't big at all....it was at gotham hall in ft. myers which, is kinda like melon's so after the show i hung out with blindside and got autographs and pictures....mmmm....swedish! hehe. well, my tummy kinda hurts so lets try and fix that then we are off for more adventures today....costume party tonight with erica....yay!  
03:01am 26/10/2002
  blindside was amazing!  
12:53pm 25/10/2002
  that is so annoying....all she does is complain.  
10:07am 25/10/2002
  make the pain go away stacia.  
04:18am 25/10/2002
  i feel like crap still. bleh!

cara called me and said i missed a great show....i don't know....i didn't want to spend the money to see korn and i think they will come here again. ::yawn:: i am tired too....and i like tony hawk's pro skater 4. well, ima go to bed since i feel shitty and hopefully i fall asleep and wake up feeling better....:\
01:40pm 24/10/2002
  off to ft. myers now!

then work.

then home.

then sleep!

tomorrow is BLINDSIDE!!!! YAY!
next tues. is TAPROOT!!!! MORE YAY!
must get cameras for leah. must take pictures of taproot for leah....mmmm.
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11:03am 24/10/2002
  for some reason i am extremely sad.

i still feel like shit and don't want to go to school or work.
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i wish someone would rub my face and care.   
12:40am 24/10/2002
mood: sick
i feel so sick right now....and i don't know why. i am in pain and i don't like it.

i am going to bed now....i wanted her to call and talk to me but, it doesn't matter anymore i don't think.
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