J*E*F*F*R*E*Y (underneathmyne) wrote,

The Legend of Zelda.

I am happy right now....and i am working more and a bunch of stuff. i am so looking forward to the new Zelda game for gamecube....i changed my background to the old idea of Zelda for gamecube....which, was called The Legend of Zelda from the Spaceworld 2000. anywho. ima sleep now. had an ok weekend. hoping to hang out with sara and nicole this coming week....and i am hoping to see valerie because i need to get my kung-pow dvd back and my books back from her mom. i noticed something....i seem to have quite a few too many friends....everywhere i go there usually is someone near that knows who i am...anywayz, that has no relevance what so ever to anything....well, yeah i bought millions more games....and basically i need to stop buying them for now because i must beat all the ones i have first....i have about 140 games now. good stuff....well, i'm off to bed and schtuff.
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