J*E*F*F*R*E*Y (underneathmyne) wrote,

i'm not dead. i promise.

this update is mostly for leah....:]

Well, many good things have happened to me lately kinda. saw finch and from autumn to ashes....good show. i have 5 arcade machines....and many more to come....got many more new games in general for my gamcube and PS2. i am about to start my own business in electronics and sell them and stuff. i have a business license and have a vending license. i have contacted a bunch of wholesale companies and international companies and i shall soon be stocking major electronics....from video game systems....car dvd players....home theater sound systems....pretty much anything electronic. well, i am only going to carry things that sell rather well which, i am figuring out....so i should be making much more money now....good stuff. i miss many people from livejournal....:[

but, i have been oh-so-very busy with my bunches of jobs and other stuff with this new business. well, hopefully i will update soon....bye.
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