J*E*F*F*R*E*Y (underneathmyne) wrote,


well, i have been really sick lately. i was admitted to the hospital on monday and i was there for a few days all hooked up to IVs and it was not cool at all. i was in danger of my airway closing up. i had problems with my liver and i possibly had hepatitis(sp) and could get pnemonia(sp) because of all the fluids and saliva going into my lungs mixed with the infection that was all in my throat and my airways. holy crap i honestly was close to not breathing the doctor said. well, i hope everything works out fine. my liver is fine now and there is no chance of me having hepatitis or pnemonia which, is really good. i hope i get better though....the doctor told me to stay in the house for a week and take my antibiotics and pain medications. honestly i don't even need my pain medication. he gave me 40 lortab and i honestly think a popsicle does a better job of getting rid of the pain then the medication. so i have like 38 left. goodness....there they go to waste....i will prolly use them for something when i get hurt later on prolly. i am getting a lot of money about well near $1000 from taxes....which, is good....really good. since i have been home i have picked up a new hobby which is collecting those huge arcade machines....and so far i almost have popeye which, is my absolute favorite and then i am going to buy some other ones too....eeee. i am such a game nerd. i have an appointment next wednesday with the doctor and he will let me know when i can go back to work and do normal activities....but, i should just be careful as to not over-exhert myself. even though i wasn't able to get to my computer for your birthday sweetie....HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY CARA! i love you.
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