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08:21pm 10/10/2004
mood: determined
I bought the special Kollector's edition (Mileena version) of Mortal Kombat Deception....me and charlotte play the crap out of it....good stuff. i played it online with kyle and he killed me....impressive....charlotte kicks my ass at the puzzle kombat....she's pretty damn good. but, on the normal fighting and chess kombat i kill her....i stay with charlotte a lot now....and i'm happy about it. we are moving in together in january i believe....if not jan. then feb. either way it shall be an interesting experience....well, yeah i'm about to play some MK deception now....so gots ta go....i'm very happy and haven't been stressed in a long time....this is good....i love charlotte.
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another one....   
01:08pm 06/10/2004
mood: dirty
well, i'm done with work now....only worked 4 hours today. damn doctors are having trouble scheduling me in....well, its ok i guess....i'm about the get in the shower and then go see my grandparents who are in town from mississippi....that should be nice....then i'm coming home getting fight club then going to lay down with charlotte and watch the movie and prolly rest a bit....well, thats it for now....
who is alive? ME!   
08:34am 06/10/2004
mood: awake
yeah its been ages since i've last written....and thats ok. but, yeah to get all caught up i shall say....my game collection has grown too much....and i work for my dad now with our company business....nice it really is. i'm nervous a bit about the first week of next month....and only my true friends know why....i'm with this wonderful girl charlotte who is from england and has an adorable accent. and thats all i shall say for now about her....besides that i do love her tons and tons....i'm taking her to go see muse dec. 2nd....i had to tell her i was taking her to a show so she could pick one....i mean what the fuck!? marilyn manson and muse playing on the same day same time???? and to top it all off dec. 2nd is her bday so it was a present to her....she chose muse but, it was so hard to choose for her....she kept on changing....its cool though....well, i bought this new game katamari demacy (thanks to anthony) and its bad ass!!!! i'm the prince of the cosmos and my dad is a retard for killin' the stars!!!! haha....kyle is borrowing it right now....but, i am gonna get it back soon....i already miss playing it....i want the new mortal kombat game....we'll see though....i miss cara and others....but, i'm figuring stuff out now and trying to decide things....anywho....i shall try and write more and more....take care to all who read and to all who aren't emo enough to have a livejournal....hehe....
The Legend of Zelda.   
02:57am 17/02/2003
  I am happy right now....and i am working more and a bunch of stuff. i am so looking forward to the new Zelda game for gamecube....i changed my background to the old idea of Zelda for gamecube....which, was called The Legend of Zelda from the Spaceworld 2000. anywho. ima sleep now. had an ok weekend. hoping to hang out with sara and nicole this coming week....and i am hoping to see valerie because i need to get my kung-pow dvd back and my books back from her mom. i noticed something....i seem to have quite a few too many friends....everywhere i go there usually is someone near that knows who i am...anywayz, that has no relevance what so ever to anything....well, yeah i bought millions more games....and basically i need to stop buying them for now because i must beat all the ones i have first....i have about 140 games now. good stuff....well, i'm off to bed and schtuff.  
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i'm not dead. i promise.   
12:17am 04/02/2003
  this update is mostly for leah....:]

Well, many good things have happened to me lately kinda. saw finch and from autumn to ashes....good show. i have 5 arcade machines....and many more to come....got many more new games in general for my gamcube and PS2. i am about to start my own business in electronics and sell them and stuff. i have a business license and have a vending license. i have contacted a bunch of wholesale companies and international companies and i shall soon be stocking major electronics....from video game systems....car dvd players....home theater sound systems....pretty much anything electronic. well, i am only going to carry things that sell rather well which, i am figuring out....so i should be making much more money now....good stuff. i miss many people from livejournal....:[

but, i have been oh-so-very busy with my bunches of jobs and other stuff with this new business. well, hopefully i will update soon....bye.
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10:42pm 11/01/2003
  well, i have been really sick lately. i was admitted to the hospital on monday and i was there for a few days all hooked up to IVs and it was not cool at all. i was in danger of my airway closing up. i had problems with my liver and i possibly had hepatitis(sp) and could get pnemonia(sp) because of all the fluids and saliva going into my lungs mixed with the infection that was all in my throat and my airways. holy crap i honestly was close to not breathing the doctor said. well, i hope everything works out fine. my liver is fine now and there is no chance of me having hepatitis or pnemonia which, is really good. i hope i get better though....the doctor told me to stay in the house for a week and take my antibiotics and pain medications. honestly i don't even need my pain medication. he gave me 40 lortab and i honestly think a popsicle does a better job of getting rid of the pain then the medication. so i have like 38 left. goodness....there they go to waste....i will prolly use them for something when i get hurt later on prolly. i am getting a lot of money about well near $1000 from taxes....which, is good....really good. since i have been home i have picked up a new hobby which is collecting those huge arcade machines....and so far i almost have popeye which, is my absolute favorite and then i am going to buy some other ones too....eeee. i am such a game nerd. i have an appointment next wednesday with the doctor and he will let me know when i can go back to work and do normal activities....but, i should just be careful as to not over-exhert myself. even though i wasn't able to get to my computer for your birthday sweetie....HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY CARA! i love you.  
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and i'm off to bed.   
12:35am 04/01/2003
mood: sleepy
today was my last day at the pharmacy....hmm. kinda sad if ya think about it. i was really damn good at that job and it definitely isn't a job for everybody. tomorrow i am traveling to orlando with the lovely cara and we are going to check into our hotel and then go over to islands of adventure and universal....fun stuff. damn i love my new flatscreen S-video/dvd/mp3/cd tv....makes all my games look so much better. must sleep now. stacia might actually come over monday. she found batley which, makes me kinda happy. that should go well....since it is going to prolly be our last time to say goodbye because she is moving after that for good to gainsville and then my tennessee/mississippi trip will go into effect. hmm....let's hope this all works out.
12:12am 02/01/2003
  happy late new year to all of you.

i am so lucky and fortunate to have what i have....i never realized how many people care about me and think i am really a great person. hmm....i tell people some things about past experiences and they say i definitely wasn't strange....twas the other way around. at least i am not the only one who believes that.
happy holidays.   
09:28pm 24/12/2002
  merry christmas everyone!!!! even though it is still christmas eve. i still wish you all a wonderful and joyful christmas!!!!

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but, i want to.   
11:31pm 21/12/2002
  it feels so good especially when the lil' girlie noises come out....of....  
f u n s t u f f.   
03:03am 06/12/2002
  plans are starting to subside with moving. seems as though it will be sooner than i thought. i want to see a lot of people before i go....like cara, anthony, bobby, russ, rachel, valerie, robin, heather(in the kitchen--wink_wink), cristina, darvin, malwina(before she ships out to the marines) and a few others who i can't think of right now. i have a 16 and some hour drive ahead of me when i go. grr.  
01:35am 25/11/2002
06:06pm 24/11/2002
  I like my new job at k*b toys....i like it a lot. i get so much free stuff and it is great!  
i'm stayin' in a tent!   
03:19pm 22/11/2002
  and we're off to go camping!!!! be back saturdayish/sunday morning....then i have to work at k-b toys from 9-5....i'm excited kinda.  
01:24am 22/11/2002
  wow! now i have 2 jobs....i work at eckerd still....and i also work at kb toys....good stuff....i work the fri. after thanksgiving from 5am-10pm. good stuff! i am going to be making a lot of money....and i get paid every friday....even more good stuff....now i am off to play metroid prime and then sleep.  
01:19pm 21/11/2002
  WELL! Tuesday I GOT METROID PRIME AND METROID FUSION! that was so fucking cool! those games kick ass! Yesterday I got MORTAL KOMBAT DEADLY ALLIANCE IN THE MAIL!!!! THAT GAME KICKS ASS!!!! and tomorrow i am going to rainbow river and crystal springs i think with cara for our environmental science class....i will get extra credit....so that is cool....and i get to wear a wet suit and look like a frog....eeee! well, ima go play games with cara soon and then go to work...."sigh"....valerie is so so sad and i wish she wasn't....i think she is wonderful and she should definitely be ok soon....hopefully....she is so neat.  
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10:21pm 18/11/2002
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06:24pm 17/11/2002
  good news is metroid prime and metroid fusion come out on tuesday and my mortal kombat deadly alliance game will be here friday....yippee!

bad news is hmm....i honestly don't think i have bad news as of now.
09:54am 16/11/2002
  i like her....a lot....and maybe i will....but, i don't want to.  
09:50am 16/11/2002
mood: chipper
well, i haven't updated in awhile i guess....but, yeah....school is becoming more and more easy. the term papers i have to do are quite simple and everyone at school is stressing over them so damn much....it isn't that bad....just 1500-2000 words....goodness. anywayz....things have been really great actually. my parents are in boluxi (spelling) in mississippi i think....they will be back sunday. i am so tired....grr. well, i am off to do things.